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Call a taxi in Halkidiki
tel. (+30) 697 298 9924

Taxi in Halkidiki has a name: PrimeTaxi.

Taxi services

Prime Taxi provides a great number of quality services, both to individuals and to firms.

Taxi services addressing to individuals

  • Transportation to and from airports, ports, bus and train stations.
  • Sightseeing and tours to archaeological sites.
  • Leasing per hour- Routes where the taxi can wait for you.
  • Long distance routes - Tours and excursions inside and outside the area of Chalkidiki.
  • Children transportation to and from school.
  • Prompt and safe collection and delivery of unaccompanied items.
  • Special routes (eg. the bride΄s transfer to the church).

Taxi services addressing to firms

  • Transport your associates to and from airports, ports, bus and train stations.
  • Lease the vehicle to transport your personnel to and from your company’s premises on a daily basis.
  • Lease the vehicle for your staff or associates journeys.
  • Transport unaccompanied corporate products throughout Greece.
  • Pre-arranged customer routes to and from their place of residence.